Is our church a museum of saints or a hospital for sinners?

Written by Jon Herring, Pastor, Grace Church Leatherhead Ever had a conversation a bit like this? Person A: “Hey, how are you” Person B: “Yeah, fine thanks, how are you?” Person A: “Yeah, fine thanks” In our current individualistic culture where the private persona, as portrayed publically (not least on social media such as FaceBook and Instagram) is shown in itsContinue reading “Is our church a museum of saints or a hospital for sinners?”

Thank goodness there is no statue of me…

Written by Jon Herring- Pastor of Grace Church Leatherhead In recent weeks we have seen a culture of pulling down statues of people who have done, said or believed evil things. And it’s easy to look on and shake our heads self-righteously as the sins of these people’s past are uncovered. But it has ledContinue reading “Thank goodness there is no statue of me…”

Corona virus- Where is God in all this?

With our world in lock down, panic buying at the shops, people fearing for their health, the world-wide death toll of the coronavirus ever rising, it’s clear we’re going through a time of suffering that is global in its reach. And I don’t know how you’re currently responding- whether it’s in fear, panic, frustration orContinue reading “Corona virus- Where is God in all this?”

A Worker’s Prayer

Today I face the new normal. It’s the same monitors, same ergonomic keyboard, same trackball mouse. It’s all the same. Except it isn’t. Instead of sitting beside colleagues within the familiar walls of our office, I’m facing my lounge wall, sat at a slightly-too-high-for-comfort dining table and listening to some classical music to keep meContinue reading “A Worker’s Prayer”

For the Overwhelmed Mum on a Mother’s-Day-like-no-other

“What are we doing today, Mum?” “Who are we seeing?”  “Where are we going?”  Already the answer is beginning to sound a little monotonous, as light hearted as I try to sound, “Oh it’ll just be us! Doing pretty much the same as yesterday. Maybe we’ll go to a big field again…!” But the noveltyContinue reading “For the Overwhelmed Mum on a Mother’s-Day-like-no-other”